True Ceylon

Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamomum zeylanicum

The fragrant spice, True Ceylon Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of the evergreen tree species of Cinnamomum zeylanicum blume. True Ceylon Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and varies from its cheaper substitute Cassia.

Ceylon Cinnamon is harvested when the plant reaches around 3 years old during the rainy season from May to December in Sri Lanka. Once the tree reaches 15 ft of height the Cinnamon is ready to be harvested. Our farmers train the Cinnamon plant to grow as straight as possible to yield straight sticks of cinnamon. The Cinnamon is harvested by hand with very hard work. Once the cinnamon trees are cut they are taken to the peeling centers to remove the bark. First the branches are dipped in water to soften the bark, then the peeler, removes knots and the outer bark. Peeling the bark from the branch is a very skilled job and a traditional Sri Lankan occupation. Then the fragrant inner bark is peeled off and packed together. Each Cinnamon stick is made by hand according to the skill of the peeler and is a highly labor intensive process. After the peeled Cinnamon sticks rolled, the bark naturally curls together forming sticks that are called cinnamon quills. The quills are left to dry in the heat of the day. Once the fresh cinnamon sticks reach about 14% moisture levels, they are graded and processed accordingly.

While Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are made the same way, they are graded according to color, diameter, density, blemishes, essential oil content and other factors. True Ceylon Cinnamon contains No Coumarin, and contains high Volatile Oil contents with countless health benefits. Peeling True Ceylon Cinnamon is an art where each individual Ceylon Cinnamon stick is handcrafted with skillful technique to perfection.

True Ceylon Cinnamon contains NO COUMARIN, this is why True Ceylon Cinnamon is superior to its cheaper substitute Cassia from Vietnam, Indonesia and China

Grades ALBA | SPL | C5 | C4 | M4M5 | H1 | H2 | CHIPS | QUILLINGS (BROKEN) | OFFCUTS

Volatile Oil Content
No SO2
No Coumarin
No Aflatoxin


May - December



Sri Lanka

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