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Our legacy

The Garumuni Family has always been a noteworthy Business Family from Balapitiya, Sri Lanka. with a lineage dating back to the 1800s with the late Mr. Garumuni Nandiris De Silva, and Mr. Garumuni Karolis De Silva, who were prominent Business men in the country.

With humble beginnings, we owe our legacy to late Mr. Garumuni Peter De Silva also known as G P De Silva who initiated building the Cinnamon Empire in the early 1940s. In the 1970s, Mr. Garumuni Lal De Silva, the eldest son of late Mr. Garumuni Peter De Silva, entered into International Markets delivering high quality Ceylon Cinnamon to the global spice industry. We proudly embody True Ceylon Cinnamon as we hold significant operations in various avenues in the Global Spice Industry creating a vibrant legacy for over 7 decades.

Today, Garumuni Foods (Pvt) Ltd, previously known as G. P. De Silva & Co. (Pvt) Ltd continues the legacy of a 3rd generation family business that is taking Ceylon spices to higher standards. We have refreshed our brand to reflect our journey as a family, and we reveal our family name into our branding in order to further our business developments in International markets.

We grew up with spices, we embody spices. We are entrepreneurial, passionate, and forever evolving. With generational experience in all aspects of this industry we continue to thrive catering to our customer needs offering them the finest, highest quality Ceylon Cinnamon and Spices.

Late Garumuni Peter De Silva

Our History

1900 - 1923s






2011 - 2015




Garumuni Karolis De Silva establishes as a prominent importer and whole sale businessman in Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

Garumuni Peter De Silva the patriarch of this organization establishes Ceylon Cinnamon trading facility

Garumuni Peter De Silva and Garumuni Lal De Silva establishes G P De Silva Cinnamon business with trading, processing and collection facilities 

Garumuni Lal De Silva enters the International market by initiating the first export of Cinnamon to Chile

Garumuni Lal De Silva enters International markets in Europe, North and South America while establishing the largest Cinnamon processing facility in Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

Garumuni Lal De Silva becomes the No. 1 exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka. Garumuni Lal De Silva wins multiple awards with multiple Entrepreneur of the year awards

Presidential Export Awards – Largest Agricultural Exports from Sri Lanka 

Garumuni Anushka De Silva as the 3rd generation of the family business establishes G P De Silva & Company as a premium spices exporter with the use of modern technology

G P De Silva & Co. (PVT) Ltd Re brands as Garumuni Foods (PVT) Ltd integrating our family name to the spice business

Garumuni Nandiris De Silva establishes as a prominent importerer and business man in Balapitiya, Sri Lanka





years of service

to the Global Spice industry

Why us?

Garumuni Foods (Pvt) Ltd is a third-generation family business that has a keen eye for the highest quality Ceylon Spices. From farm to fork, we take pride in the authenticity of providing you the freshest, high quality ingredients sourced from the origin. We heavily focus on longstanding, strategic global partnerships enabling us to provide Sri Lankan spices to our customers around the world with transparency, quality, and redundancy in our supply chain. As each customer’s requirement is different, we take pride in working with our customers to cater to their exact requirement.

3 Generations

in the global spice industry

First class

Manufacturer, Processor and Supplier

Premium Quality

spices sourced from our very own plantations

24 hours

Reliable service

Ethical and Sustainable



efficiency, consistency, and the highest quality spices

We take care of our people.

The Garumuni Fund, our very own dedicated charity is focused on supporting families and improving the living conditions for our farmers, workers and our employees. The Garumuni Fund aims to fund families with financial difficulties. We plan to update more information on this in the near future.