Our Farmers

We work exclusively with farmers that deliver consistently clean, high-quality spices.

Cinnamon is in our blood and we are passionate about Cinnamon. We work very closely with our farmers and have built relationships with farmers, growers and collectors over generations to supply our customers with the finest natural Ceylon Cinnamon and spices.

We believe in traceability and complete transparency in our production. We educate our farmers on good manufacturing practices and sustainable farming practices and certify them to increase quality of products. With the long-term relationships with our farmers, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers.

From farm to fork

From the lush fields of Ceylon to your table, Garumuni Foods ensures an authentic journey for the highest quality spices. We are committed to bring you Sri Lankan spices procured at the source and our commitment to transparency and strategic global partnerships guarantees a farm-to-fork experience with unparalleled excellence.



We are committed to cultivating Ceylon Cinnamon and other spices in our fertile soils, nurturing with care, ensuring robust flavors and uncompromised quality from inception.


Peel / Harvest

Our spices are harvested with precision, preserving their natural essence for unparalleled taste. Each Ceylon Cinnamon stick is handcrafted to perfection according to the skill of our peelers. Our Cloves are carefully hand selected to obtain their most natural state.


Process / Pack

We process and pack our Ceylon Cinnamon, Cloves and Sri Lankan spices maintaining their freshness, aroma, and purity, ready to elevate your culinary experience. Our processes include Cutting, Sorting, Steam Sterilization, Milling according to exact customer requirement.



With a seamless supply chain, we ship our premium spices worldwide, delivering the rich essence of Ceylon directly to our customers worldwide, ensuring satisfaction across borders.

We support our community !

We take care of our people. THE GARUMUNI FUND, our very own dedicated charity is focused on supporting families and improving the living conditions for our farmers, workers and our employees. THE GARUMUNI FUND aims to fund families with financial difficulties.
We plan to update more information on this in the near future. Stay Tuned.